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Adventures On the Road

I have a riddle for you:

Who is someone who drinks gas station coffee, travels for miles and miles, probably hasn't done laundry in a while, lives out of a backpack, is sleep-deprived from late nights and early mornings but wouldn't trade any of it for the world?

If you said a musician or an adventurer, you'd be correct.

And lucky for you, I am both of them. When I'm not playing shows as a singer/songwriter, I'm typically playing outside, whether it's hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, snow skiing, or more.

Music has taken me many incredible places, and when I have the time, I can't help but explore local natural areas. So, I figured I'd compile my mini-music-excursions all in one place. Whether you're visiting these places on vacation or just passing through, I wish you many adventures on the road.

Anna Pearson
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