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5 Best Multi-use Gear Items for the Adventurous Musician

This might be a very niche topic, but for those of you who appreciate multi-use gear, here's a "must-haves" list for both music and outdoor adventures.

**These items or brands are not sponsoring this post. I'm just a fan of good, quality gear, and wanted to share in case you are, too.

1. Lightweight Backpack

REI Co-op Flash 18

Some people like a sling bag or tote as an everyday carry, but remember, this article is coming from a girl who packs everything she needs on her back and sleeps in the woods for fun. So for me, a backpack is a must. It keeps your hands free but is easy enough to access what you need. That all-around backpack for me is the REI Flash 18. I carry this thing for day hikes and for shows. And when I travel with a larger suitcase, it can double as a stuff sack or just lay flat inside my bag.

2. No-Frills, No-Spills Water Bottle


Nowadays, there's a water bottle for every use and occasion. Call me a purist, but I look for two things in an everyday water bottle:

1. Has a decent capacity

2. WON'T LEAK (no matter how I chuck it in my bag)

For me, the classic Nalgene has always been my go-to. It's affordable, doesn't leak, is BPA free, and has survived many drops (off stages and trails).

3. Packable Lightweight Jacket

REI Down Jacket

Whether you're headed to a show in a different climate or you're hiking in high altitude, a lightweight packable jacket is great to have when the weather unexpectedly takes a turn. I use an REI down jacket for just about everything, and even with patches covering holes, it still holds up great.

4. Dress Up or Down Comfortable Shoes


As you've probably discovered from this article, I like a good multi-use item, and you can't get much more multi-use than a good pair of shoes. I'm a fan of boots on stage, but I wanted something that I could easily run around dusty festival grounds in as well. For me, those are Blundstones (I saved up my dividend and got them on sale at REI).

Earth Runner Sandals

If you're a sandal person, Earth Runners are the way to go. They can be dressed up or down, are super lightweight, and I have literally worn them on stage and hiked 3 miles in them.

5. Portable Power Bank

Anker Portable Power Bank

I take this thing everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Whether I'm camping in the backcountry or flying to a show, it's within reach. You never know when you'll need an extra charge, and Anker makes great options for lightweight power.

What are your favorite multi-use items that you use in different areas of your life?

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